Balancium PTCA


• Core-to-tip or Shaping ribbon  

• Nitinol + stainless steel core  

• Patented welding technique  

• hydrophilic coating  

• 1:1 transmission  

• 3 tip hardness levels 



Product Features

• Core-to-Tip design provides great tip hardness, good touch feedback for easy control and better crossability and accessibility.

• Shaping Ribbon design provides softer tip hardness for minimized damage to the vessels, and outstanding and stability for easy navigation.

• Nitinol + stainless steel cores provide superior flexibility and durability, improves the torque response.  

• 3cm Platinum coil at distal tip provides excellent radiopacity.  

• A hydrophilic coating is applied to the 30cm coiled distal end to increase the crossability and deliverability.  

• PTFE coating on middle and proximal parts reduces friction and improves pushability and catheter trackability

Product Benefits

• Multiple choices  

• Good visibility  

• Super-smooth navigation  

• Excellent tactile feedback  

• Balanced flexibility and support  

• Great pushability and trackability  

Product Ranges

• O.D: 0.014"  

• Length: 185/300cm  

• Tip hardness: floppy/supersoft/soft  

• Tip shape: straight/J-tip  

• Core-to-tip / shaping ribbon  

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