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Tadarokat Pezeshki Mavara-e-Bahar is one of the leading companies in the field of supplying medical goods required by specialized and sub-specialized medical centers in the country. This company was registered on 1371/10/1 and number 94506 and started its activities with the aim of providing the goods required by specialized hospitals in the field of cardiology.

What you should know about us. . .

Tadarokat Pezeshki Mavara-e-Bahar , in order to achieve this lofty path and achieve its lofty goals, as well as continuous improvement of its performance and increase the satisfaction and trust of all stakeholders, implements management systems based on ISO 9001: 2000 and ISO 13485 standards: 2003 and has based the following principles and orientations on its efforts and is committed to achieving them:

  • Expansion of the company's target markets throughout the country
  • Review, modify and optimize existing work processes and activities in order to continuously improve the performance of the company and employees
  • Planning and taking action to better understand and fully understand customer requirements and legal requirements
  • Improving the level of knowledge and awareness of consumers
  • Increase customer satisfaction and confidence by creating appropriate communication channels with suppliers and customers
  • Efforts to provide and improve customer health by providing medical equipment with the highest quality and lowest cost

Tadarokat Pezeshki Mavara-e-Bahar, with more than fifty employees and a sales team and scientific and capable support, is now one of the largest companies providing the consumption needs of specialized cardiovascular hospitals. The company has also become a member of the Association of Medical Engineering Companies and the Association of Medical Engineering Companies of Iran in order to coordinate more with trade union and professional policies. Tadarokat Pezeshki Mavara-e-Bahar, in order to develop its activities, has so far succeeded in obtaining more than ten representatives from reputable and large global companies, among which the following can be mentioned:

  • IMS company, manufacturer of mammography devices
  • Boston Scientific company, a manufacturer of cardiology products
  • LivaNova (Sorin) company, a manufacturer of heart valves
  • TERUMO Company (Vascutek) manufacturer of artificial vessels
  • A&E Medical Company, a manufacturer of cardiac surgery products
  • GU (Fannin) Company, a manufacturer of specialized surgical instruments
  • Chase Company (Surge medical), a manufacturer of cardiac surgery products
  • Eurosets company, a manufacturer of cardiac surgery products
  • L&T Medical Company, manufacturer of operating room monitors
  • Biogel company, a manufacturer of specialized surgical gloves
  • Stryker Company
  • Abbott Company
  • Lepu Medical Company

The efforts of the management of Tadarokat Pezeshki Mavara-e-Bahar in attracting specialized and efficient personnel and the management policies of the company have caused this company to take very big and positive steps in order to provide services to patients, doctors and hospitals, and in this regard, great successes. Has acquired that the following can be mentioned:

  • Boston Scientific Middle East CARDIOLOGY PERFORMANCE AWARD 2005.
  • Boston Scientific Middle East CEDAR’S BRONZE AWARD in recognition of outstanding support to Boston Scientific Middle East for the year 2004.
  • Boston Scientific Eastern Mediterranean CEDAR’S RECOGNITION BRONZE AWARD 2001.

We believe that the realization of the above goals and objectives can be achieved only through the group participation of all partners in an intimate environment, with organizational order and observance of principles. And now the Tadarokat Pezeshki Mavara-e-Bahar is trying to take bigger and more effective steps by relying on its management ability and knowledge and looking at the horizons ahead.

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