Standard Type(Radial / Femoral / Long Sheaths)

• Advanced material improves bendability and flexibility without gapping or kinking.
• Special designed lock and silicon hemostatic valve provide outstanding hemostatic function, while guaranteeing the operational ability for the catheter.
• Smooth tapered tip helps with easy access to the artery, reducing trauma to patients.
• Smooth transition from dilator to sheath greatly reduces puncture resistance, providing easy and non-traumatic insertion.
• Minimized possibility of damaging tissue upon sheath entry, advancement and withdrawal, providing smoother and easier vascular access even through difficult access sites.


Full kit includes:
Introducer Sheath (1)
Dilator (1)
Stainless Steel Guide Wire (1)
Introducer Needle (1)
Scalpel (1)
Syringe (1)


The Introducer Kit can be customized by:
a) Remove the every single component includes guide wire, introducer needle (IN), scalpel (K) and syringe (S).
b) Replace the stainless steel guide wire (straight SS/J tip SJ) into hydrophilic guide wire (straight HS/135° angled HW) or nitinol guide wire (straight NS/J tip NJ).
c) Replace the introducer needle (IN) into intravascular catheter (IC). Intravascular catheter is mandatory to be a set with hydrophilic guide wire.

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