PTCA Balloon

Dilatation Catheter

• Small tip profile for excellent crossability.
• Three-directional memory folding of the balloon allows of size minimization with great withdrawal capability, and ensures the good performance of repeated dilatation.
• Soft tapered tip provides smooth transition from guidewire to balloon catheter to avoid “fish mouth”, and minimize the vessel damage.
• Transparent hub is convenient to observe the air bubble to reduce the operation risk.


Technical Parameters

 Material                                                    Nylon

Catheter Design                                         Rapid Exchange

Balloon Comliance                                      Semi-compliant

Marker                                                      2

Distal Shaft O.D                                         2.8F

Proximal Shaft O.D                                     2.3F

Tip Profile                                                 0.017m

Minimum Guiding Catheter Compatibility      5F(0.056)

Guide Wire Compatibility                            0.014

Effective Length                                        135cm

Nominal Pressure                                      8 atm (φ1.5mm-3.0mm) / 6 atm (φ3.5mm-4.0mm)

Rated Burst Pressure                                 16 atm (φ1.5mm-3.5mm) / 14 atm (φ4.0mm) 

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