Inzone Detachment System

The Stryker Neurovascular InZone Detachment System is a sterile, handheld, single-patient use device designed for use with Stryker Neurovascular Detachable Coils. The device consists of an enclosure with a detachment button, five LED indicator lamps, a funnel inset at its distal end, and a cable connection port. The device comes pre-loaded with two AAAA (1.5 VOC) batteries.


How the Device Functions

Use of Stryker Neurovascular Detachable Coils involves a minimally invasive procedure to access the treatment area (intracranial aneurysm or other neuro or peripheral abnormality) from within a blood vessel (endovascular therapy). Treatment involves insertion of a Stryker Neurovascular two tip-marker microcatheter into a patient's femoral artery and then navigation of the microcatheter through the vascular system, into the neuro or peripheral vasculature, and then to the site of the lesion.

Detachable coils are used in conjunction with: 

. Stryker Neurovascular microcatheters

a Stryker Neurovascular lnZone Detachment System

a Stryker Neurovascular IZDS Connecting Cable, and

a Patient Return Electrode (an off-the-shelf 20 or 22-gauge stainless-steel hypodermic needle)

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