Transend Guidewire

Established options for access

Transend Guidewires offer proven control and responsiveness. Their lubricious coating facilitates their advancement through a microcatheter or tortuous neuro vasculature.
Access versatility
▪ Tip shape ability and reshapeability
▪ Outstanding coating durability
▪ Notable torque ability and pushability
▪ Excellent visibility



Features and Benefits

Shapeable / reshapeable tip

Transend Guidewires' design utilizes a 2cm, tapered-ribbon corewire tip, engineered to permit repeated tip shaping and reshaping



Scitanium Corewire Designed for Access

Transend corewires are engineered to enhance torque transmission and distal support allowing orientation of formed tip for precise vessel selection and positioning



ICE - Hydrophilic Distal Selection

ICE is a lubricious coating on the 39cm distal segment (distal 61cm in Transend .010) which is intended to facilitate the advancement of the guidewire within the microcatheter and tortuous neuro vasculature

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